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Turquoise is a natural, light blue to deep bluish-green colored, semi-precious gemstone variety of the Phosphate mineral family. It is said to have numerous astrological and healing benefits. In western astrology, Turquoise gemstone is worn as the December birthstone. Even though the major neighboring and turquoise experts, due to the experience of working with turquoise, this magic stone, by looking at the color, the polished, as well as the color of its veins, easily distinguish the source and turquoise types from each other, However, there are several ways for people who do not have enough knowledge and experience to diagnose it. Turquoise stone also helps to heal areas of the body that are infected by viruses and bacteria and infected areas. The turquoise is said to be unaware of its infinite performance and healing.
15ct Certified Rare Natural Turquoise Irani Firoza Stone Premium Quality 15ct Certified Rare Natural Turquoise Irani Firoza Stone Premium Quality
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Brand: SHINE STONES Model: firoza15nat
AAA+ 100% Natural Turquoise Irani Firoza Premium Grade Certified turquoise stone for astrologyGUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE DEAL ON MARKETCOLOR:- Blue with spots AS SHOWN IN PICTURE GEMSTONE: NATURAL TURQUOISE ORIGIN:- IRAN SHAPE:-   OVAL CABOCHON WEIGHT:- 15 CTS 17 RATTI APROX. CLARITY:N/A ..
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