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02 Aug Yellow Sapphire Benefits and Details
Agarwal Navneet 0 21722
Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone|Price,Benefits of  Wearing,identify original.Yellow Sapphire is the primary gem for the planet Jupiter(Guru). Also Known by Pukhraj.Yellow Sapphire is another variety of the mineral Corundum, as are Ruby, Sapphire a..
02 Aug Gemstone details birth charts astrology lucky gemstones
Agarwal Navneet 0 7836
Astrloogical information of all gemstones by birth chart and zodiac sign by month.This list of astrology signs shows the date in each month that they start and finish.Astrology SignMonthAries March 21- April 19TaurusApril 20 - May 20GeminiMay 21- Jun..
02 Aug Natural Red Coral
Agarwal Navneet 0 5264
Certified Italian/Japanese Red Coral/Lal Moonga Gemstone Italian Red Coral Lal Moonga gemstone is a common name that exists for corallium rubrum and several related species of coral. The original Corallium rubrum is mainly found in Mediterranean Sea,..
26 Jul Natural Turquoise Gemstone
Agarwal Navneet 0 3996
Turquoise is a natural, light blue to deep bluish-green colored, semi-precious gemstone variety of the Phosphate mineral family. It is said to have numerous astrological and healing benefits. In western astrology, Turquoise gemstone is worn as the De..
15 Sep Ruby Gemstone Information
Agarwal Navneet 13 24838
RubyRuby is the most valuable variety of the corundum mineral species, which also includes sapphire.The word ruby comes from the Latin rubens which means red.Rubies are found in shades of red, from rich darkish red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red..
15 Sep Natural Emerald Gemstone
Agarwal Navneet 0 12598
Emerald (Panna) is a very soft stone & is one of the most precious stones.Its price is determined according to color, appearance, brightness, weight, transparency. Original Emerald helps to promotes knowledge of the heart and brain resulting in peace..
15 Sep Natural Pearl Guide
Agarwal Navneet 0 11660
So what exactly is a pearl? Cultured, natural, these terms confuse you?Don't worry, you're not alone....reading this pearl information will help you understand.We all understand cultured anything else...after all we don't usually fin..
15 Sep Customize Your Gemstone with Ring or Pendant
Agarwal Navneet 0 12083
Create a Gemstone Ring or Pendant of any gemstone you selected on our store. You can Select from any metal from gold,silver,panchdhatu,ashtadhatu,copper etc.In Gold we make in 14k,18k or 22k gold.In Silver we make in pure silver.Pure copper, Panchdha..
15 Sep Variety and Types of Blue Sapphire
Agarwal Navneet 0 16898
Know the Best Variety and type of Blue Sapphire StoneBlue sapphire is an eminent gemstone of Saturn. Saturn is known to be most powerful planet in astrology. Blue sapphire is also known as Neelam in India. This miraculous gemstone can change your lif..
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