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Brand: SHINE STONES Model: em515
Premium Quality Clean Transparent Certified Natural Zambian Emerald 5.15cts. Very Rare to find cleanest emerald.COLOUR:- GREEN AS SHOWN IN PICTURE GEMSTONE: NATURAL EMERALD (INDIAN NAME: PANNA) ORIGIN:- ZAMBIAN SHAPE:-  Oval WEIGHT:- 5.15 CTS (6 RATTI)  CLARITY:Excellent..
US$832.15 US$917.81
Ex Tax:US$832.15
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Bsp570
Certified Natural Blue Sapphire Untreated Ceylon Sapphire 5.70ct From Srilanka.Ultra Premium Quality Ceylon Certified Untreated Natural Blue Sapphire of 5.70 ct i.e. huge size at lowest possible price. We Guarantee you lowest price on this blue sapphire, you can check online or offline mar..
US$1,774.43 US$2,019.18
Ex Tax:US$1,774.43
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: ys663
Super Premium Quality Certified Natural Yellow Sapphire Ceylon Unheated Untreated 6.63ct 7.25 ratti COLOUR:- YELLOW AS SHOWN IN PICTURE GEMSTONE:- NATURAL YELLOW SAPPHIRE INDIAN NAME: PUKHRAJ ORIGIN:- Ceylon (Srilanka) SHAPE & CUT:-  OVAL WEIGHT:- 6.63C..
US$1,688.77 US$1,957.99
Ex Tax:US$1,688.77
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