Ruby is the most valuable variety of the corundum mineral species, which also includes sapphire.

  1. The word ruby comes from the Latin rubens which means red.

  2. Rubies are found in shades of red, from rich darkish red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red. The red hue comes from traces of the mineral chromium.

  3. Ruby is the birthstone for July. It is also a traditional gift for those celebrating 15th or 40th anniversaries.

  4. Rubies are extremely strong, registering 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are as resilient as sapphires and only slightly softer than diamonds.

  5. Rubies have been found all over the world, including in Myanmar (formerly Burma), Africa, Australia and the USA. The majority of rubies for sale at Israel-Diamonds originate in Myanmar, Thailand and other locations in Asia.

  6. The most precious rubies are those with a full, rich red color with just a hint of blue tones. Originally, the finest rubies were mined in Myanmar and it is from there that the term Burmese ruby began to describe the finest rubies.

  7. Almost all rubies have flaws. Rubies without imperfections are exceptionally rare and command prices even higher than diamonds of a similar weight and quality.

  8. The world's largest ruby is owned by a Chinese jewelry company. It weighs 8184 g (40920 Carat) and measures 5.11 x 5.43 x 5.70 inches.

  9. Rubies, because of their brilliant red hues, are often related to themes concerning the essence and vibrancy of life. If there is one gemstone that represents the passion of love, it is the ruby.

  10. Almost all natural rubies are treated to improve their color and strengthen them. This is standard practice in the jewelry industry and is accepted by the American Gem Trade Association and Shine Stones.

Ruby gemstone is related to the planet Sun this gemstone attracts almost all individuals. Ruby stone is also called Manik Ratna in Hindi. Wearing this stone bless with the positive powers of The Sun. Moreover, it showers its wearer with immense favors.

However, to earn all these benefits, it is suggested by the astrologers that stone should be worn following all the rules and rituals, otherwise wearing this Sun ruled gemstone does not bring sweet results.

However, the irony of the situation is that many people in actual don’t know how to wear ruby gemstone and in lack of awareness adopt this stone is such a way that it does not bring any positive changes in their lives.

Procedure of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

  • The weight of the ruby stone should be in between 3 carat to 6 carats. Ideally a stone whose weight varies in between these two figures are considered to be the best ruby stone.
  • Ruby stone should ideally be embedded either in Gold or Silver to experience the best results.
  • Purposed day wear this stone is Sunday at morning between 5 am to 6 am. If possible, it should be worn during the Shukla Paksha.
  • Before wearing ruby stone should be kept into Gangajal or honey in order to exculpate all the negativities from the stone.
  • While wearing this stone burn 5 sticks of incense and pray to the god Sun for your well-being. Now hold the ring in your hand and round incense around the ring for 11 times
  • After this recite the following Mantra of Sun  सूर्याय नम and wear stone in your ring finger.
  • The ruby gemstone will start paying off good results to you after 30 days post wearing and it will continue to shower you with his blessing till four years. And then it will become inactive.
  • It has also kept in mind that in order to cherish the benefits of wearing this stone, clean your stone on regular intervals.

Benefits of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone being ruled by the Planet of the principal source of energy in the universe attracts wisdom, wealth, prosperity to its wearer.

  • Wearing this stone ward-off against all the blood related diseases. Eventually, a person who is suffering from blood diseases should wear this stone.
  • A native who is born under the Zodiac sign Leo and born in the month of July should adopt this stone to enroll themselves to cherish all the benefits being offered by Sun led ruby stone.
  • Wearing ruby stone enhances the concentration and memory power of its native. Moreover, it invokes spirituality and kindness in the heart of its native.
  • This is a very much a heart centered stone, and it personifies the Divine love of the Creator.
  • It is a stone of manifestation, and will also support the retention of wealth, spirituality.
  • The ruby gemstone is known to bring spark and aliveness in its wearer life.
  • It eradicates sadness and depression from its wearer life. This gemstone enacts as a safeguard to protect its wearer against evil spirit, bad dreams

Ruby Gemstone Signification

Being Ruled by the Sun it signifies wisdom, the power of communication, intellect, spirituality, divine, brain, education, love, prosperity, wealth.

Before wearing a ruby stone do consult an astrologer. It is also said that ascendant of all zodiac sign can wear this stone, after evaluating the position of the Sun in their birth-chart.

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