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Handcrafted natural certified gemstones ruby blue sapphire emerald yellow sapphire beads beaded necklace at best price.

Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Emneck 01
Certified Emerald Plain Rondelle Beads Beaded Gemstone Necklace, Natural Emerald May Birthstone 1 StrandNatural Emerald Beads Length 14 InchShape:-RondelleSize :    4.30 to 5.30 MMNecklace Wt :- 107ctGemstone Wt :  82ctSingle LineOrigin BrazilColor Green in Show Image..
Ex Tax:US$140.73
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Egem1246
Beryl Emerald Faceted Roundel Beads, Genuine Certified Emerald Beads, Faceted Cut Beads, Green Gemstone Beads, 18" inch StrandStone Name:-Beryl EmeraldShape:-RondelleApprox Size:-1.5 to 3 MMCut Type:- Faceted BeadsGross Weight : 122 CaratDrill Style:-Straight DrillTreated:-Color Enhance..
Ex Tax:US$214.16
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Rubbead02
1400cts 9 lines Natural Certified Precious Ruby faceted beads NecklaceDescription;--- Natural Ruby Necklace Stone Name :-- Natural ( Faceted ) Gemstone Shape:-- Rondelle ( Faceted ) Length : -- 16 to 24 Inches of Rubies Beads Without Tassel or Clasp Size :-- 4 TO 5.5 MMHole Size ..
Ex Tax:US$673.06
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Rubbead01
Finest quality  Natural Certified Ruby Beads Necklace 250ct 6 line Precious Ruby Necklace ~~~ Smooth Rondelle Beads Bead Size- 3.5 -4 mmLength : 16-18 inches approxStone Weight: 250ct approxHigh quality Natural Ruby BeadsLowest Price - FedEx shipping - PayPal Accepted..
Ex Tax:US$232.51
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: gem1243069875
Finest quality certified natural tourmaline faceted beads beaded necklace 6 lines strands 350ctsBead Size-3.5 -4 mmLength : 16-17 inches aproxStone Weight: 350ct aproxHigh quality Transparent Tourmaline StonesLowest Price - Fedex shipping - Paypal Accepted..
Ex Tax:US$140.73
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: gem124698
Natural Ruby Shaded Faceted Shape Beads Necklace,Ruby Beaded Necklace,Ruby Corundum Beads Necklace,adjustable cord NecklaceBeads : Natural Ruby Shaded Beads Necklace Lines- 6Shape : Faceted Shape BeadsLength : 16 to 21 inches lengthGross Weight 365.23 carat..
Ex Tax:US$361.00
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Blspp425ct
Finely handcrafted Blue Color design Sapphire gemstone sapphire faceted beads necklace 7 lines 425 ct approx 16-18 inches approx. Bead size 3-5 mm.Made of All Precious Natural Gemstones.Best Quality Best price guaranteedAll natural certified gemstones...
Ex Tax:US$226.39
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Emeneck 022
Certified Emerald Plain Rondelle Beaded Necklace With Natural Ruby Sterling Silver Antique, Victorian Vintage, Designer Astrological Pendant.Product details ;- Length 14 INCHGemstone : Natural Ruby with Emerald Beads Necklace Necklace with Pendant Wt :- 25 GramShape :       ..
Ex Tax:US$299.82
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Embra055
Natural Emerald Beaded Bracelet Faceted Emerald Rondelle Beads Jewelry, Emerald Beaded Bracelet 7 Inch Emerald Beads BraceletPRODUCT DETAIL :ITEM : Natural Certified EmeraldITEM NAME : Beaded BRACELETGEMSTONE : Emerald BeadsBEADS SHAPE : FACETED RONDELLELENGTH : 7 INCH APPROXBEADS SIZE : 2.5-3.5 MM ..
Ex Tax:US$116.26
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Embrac055
100% Natural Multi Sapphire Ruby Emerald Gemstone Faceted Beaded Bracelet Inches 3 To 4 MM 35 Carat Bracelet 7 Inches BraceletPRODUCT DETAIL :ITEM : MULTI SAPPHIRE BEADED BRACELETITEM NAME : BRACELETGEMSTONE : MULTI SAPPHIRE (Emerald, Ruby, Multi Sapphire)BEADS SHAPE : FACETED RONDELLELENGTH : 7 INC..
Ex Tax:US$104.02
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Beaded018
Natural Precious Multi Sapphire Ruby Emerald Blue & Yellow Sapphire Beads Necklace 18"STONE:-     MULTI-SAPPHIRESHAPE:-     ROUNDELCOLOR:-     MULTI-COLORSIZE:-        3 to 4 MMLENGTH:-     18"BEA..
Ex Tax:US$91.78
Brand: SHINE STONES Model: Beaded019
Natural Multi Sapphire Ruby Emerald Blue Sapphire & Yellow Sapphire Beads Necklace 18" High grade shaded ruby emerald & multi colour sapphire gemstone bead strandStone: Ruby Emerald & SapphireClarity: Translucent. Low InclusionColor: MixedTreatment: None.Cutting: Faceted RondelleBead Siz..
Ex Tax:US$93.00
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